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Great Turnout!

Great turnout for our first writers workshop at the Katie Wheeler Library in Tustin, CA. Thanks to Stella for getting the word out, and adding extra tables in the back of the room for us AND putting on a great spread to snack on.
In this session, which focused on Planning, fellow presenters, Joe, Greta and I, shared ideas on how to find time to write, back mapping to set realistic goals, and how to get a handle on your genre. Attendees were a great mix of ages, genders, occupations, and writing experience. Can’t wait for our next session!
Our goal in this series is simply to share information we’ve gleaned through experience, workshops, conferences, education, and research, and help new writers avoid the mistakes we made. We want to be the mentors we didn’t have when we started. None of us claim to be experts :)
If you’re in the area, the sessions are open – you can drop in anytime.
At our next session, June 8th, I’ll be covering character development and dialogue, Joe will take a look at non-fiction structures, and Greta will discuss plotting vs pantsing, pacing and conflict. Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Great Turnout!

  1. Micaela Miner

    Oops. I missed the 2d session. Is there a chance I can pick up any written materials from you or the library?

    Also. I have tripped over something that might be interesting to you. It is Mary Karr’s, The Art of Memoir. Though the book is specific to memoir, she ofders some really great insights for writing in general.

    1. valerieDavisson Post author

      Hello, Micaela! You were missed but no worries, we’ll be happy to catch you up in our next session. And yes, I will bring copies of what I shared RE Dialogue, and we’ll be continuing that topic.

      So interesting you should mention Mary Karr’s book, The Art of Memoir – someone shared it last night and I can’t wait to pick up a copy myself. So many excellent resources out there. Another favorite of mine is Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. Look forward to seeing you in July.


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