I LOVE all reviews – good or bad. How can you get mad at someone reading your book?

But if I had to pick my favorite three, the ones below would make the list:









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Cosy Dragon Shattered Strong Female Lead

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In the first book, SHATTERED: Logan Book 1, Logan, a woman in her 40s has recently lost her husband, her job, and her illusions about the world. She may be down, but she’s not out. She’s strong and Davisson does a great job making her real. I live in Southern California, and enjoyed the Arts Festival, eclectic characters, and beach walks.

The great character development, deftly woven plot lines and dialogue continues in this book, FOREST PARK, the second in the Logan series. I love her sense of place – this time the action is up in Portland, Oregon, although she comes home to Jasper, where, according to her author page, the third book will take place.

This book ramps up the action, but still keeps the excellent character development and kept me turning pages. Without being preachy, she highlights real issues like homeless vets, immigration, letting go, and the rocky path of love she is not even sure she wants to walk again. Logan has a grown daughter working in Africa, a complicated relationship with her neighbor, Ben, and is creating a new life for herself in an ever-changing, dynamic world.

I can’t wait to read Book 3!

Ms. M

This is my first introduction to Logan McKenna. Forest Park is book 2 of the Logan McKenna series. I was hooked from page 1 and this was just the prologue. Ms. Davisson knows how to draw the reader in and experience the culture surrounding Logan as she works to find her place in her community. Logan doesn’t have all the answers, but she’s all in when it comes to experiencing life, love and happiness. Ms. Davisson creates authentic characters. I experienced anger, laughter, sadness,…and so much more. I need to read book 1 before Ms. Davisson releases another Logan McKenna adventure. There’s gotta be more!


I haven’t read anything by Valerie Davisson before, but I do like mystery novels, and I am bias towards mystery novels that leap from the page and grab me. Forest Page: Logan Book 2 did that for me, and I’m pretty sure her other books will do that too. I love the character development that went on during the book. I like the way the author sets up scenes, and I really like that she spends the time on bringing the plot out into the open, and giving it a realistic touch. In other words– I like this book and I think you will too.

Cyd Dean

Another phenomenal read from Valerie Davisson, a gripping thriller that approaches fascinating social issues from a very unique perspective. Through solid character development, she takes us on a journey entangled with love, deception, redemption, and the possibility of a better future. Read it, enjoyed it, and am already looking forward to the next one in the series!

Dr. Louis C. Rice 

Ms. Davisson has an easy writing style, moving effortlessly between dialogue and description. I love reading a book that teaches my something new. The info on glass blowing and the glass art world was extremely interesting. Ms. Davisson did her homework!

Logan is a likeable character with depth and vulnerability. It will be fun following her through coming books, to see what other trouble she gets into and how she uncovers “the bad guys.” Hopefully Logan Book 2 will be out this year!

M. Montclaire

I have previously purchased this author’s first book which was a “how to”. Now this one is a “who did it”. What a great read. Valerie Davisson has produced a superior novel. I can’t wait to read Book 2 and Book 3 when they come out. I highly recommend this novel to everyone.

Mike Cordova

To me there’s nothing more enjoyable than a good story; this is definitely one of “those” books. Being a craft junkie, I especially enjoyed the references to the Southern California art shows and especially to the very specialized art of blown glass. The characters were well though-out and described as were our beautiful area. But it was the story itself, the interaction between the interesting characters that had me from the get-go. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. Great job, Valerie!

Janet Wilson

Very enjoyable. Like any good mystery, the book was impossible to put down once I started reading. The descriptions of people and places make you feel like you are living the story.

M. Fleming

I had no problem at all tearing myself away from my everyday life to read “Forest Park” and you will want to follow Logan on other adventures. Recommended.

Review Man

I got this book last week and found myself hooked on it. (…) I like the writing style, it’s very fluid, and I like the character development. I do think the author could probably do with a little more experience. But she will be a force to be reckoned with when she matures.


A really well researched, and put together, crime novel from an author I haven’t tried before. This book was recommended to me and I really did enjoy it. I would recommend both of her books. I’ve finished this one, and I’m currently working on #1. Well worth checking out!


Worth checking out. Better than most of the mystery books I’ve been reading lately. I enjoyed Logan, and I wonder how she will make out as a T.V. character.


Well written, good story, interesting and paced excellently. Worth a read.


I highly recommend Forest Park by Valerie Davisson. The book follows parallel stories surrounding a mysterious explosion and accidental killing at a Vietnamese food truck in Portland, Oregon. One story deals with a Vietnamese family running the truck, as well as thugs trying to extort money from them. Another story deals with a homeless Vietnam vet trying to make his way in the world after struggling with PTSD. Finally, the educator/detective Logan is accidentally involved in the murder case after witnessing the blast from her hotel room in downtown Portland. Somehow, Ms. Davisson has artfully meshed these stories together in a seamless way.

I don’t normally read mysteries, but loved this book and her previous book, Shattered: Logan Book 1, because the author spends a lot of time with character development rather than the grisly details of a crime gone wrong. The book touches on the issues of immigrant families trying to make a good life in their adopted country, the problems haunting Vietnam vets 40+ years later, and the challenges of public school teachers trying to teach meaningful subject manner rather than just administering tests. A bonus is that she describes food and wine in such a delicious way!